Faculty of Humanites and Social Sciences
Faculty of Humanites and Social Sciences
Faculty of Humanites and Social Sciences
Faculty of Humanites and Social Sciences
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Faculty of Humanites and Social Sciences
The 8 Policies :
Desirable Graduates
   1. support, coordinate new curriaula to relate to job market and country standard and ASEAN
   2. support the teaching staff to develop academicly and study in higher levels domesticly and in foreign country. Promote workshops and seminas so the teaching staff can develop oneself
   3. support and promote the faculty staffs to work with moral
   4. develop teaching technologe and environment
   5. suport and promote learner's center
   6. develop MOU with private sector and public sector
Student Development
   1. support and promote activities to develop students to succeed in 5 dimesion with morality, knowledge, human relations and responsibility in Math, communication and Information sciences
   2. Improve inturnship
   3. support creative activities
   4. support academic help for students outside classroom
   5. develop and support alumni
Research and Creativity
   1. create realization, support classbase research of Arts and Culture, syntesize Humanities sciences and Social scienves
   2. support presentation and apply research usage to get printed internationally
   3. support language reseurch network, art and culture and other brance of study
Academic Service
   1. sopport and promote academic service projects
   2. support and promote pedagogy, research and arts
   3. promote academic service to sustain community, in both public and private sector
Art and Cultural Support
   1. support art and cultural activities
   2. support art and culturg to be synthesize in academic and students activities
   3. support publication of art and culture to public
Management, Treasury and Budget
   1. strategic plan and action covering mission of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Scienes
   2. support and promote creative activities to staffs constantly
   3. manage with moral
   4. do public relations to promote good image to the public
   5. develop to learning community
   6. develop risk management system and preventation policy
   7. support and promote follow up and evaluation of management
   8. support and promote treasury strategy, planning budget stragically, to coensine with the mission systematically
Quality Assurance
   1. develop quality assurance system
   2. appointed quality assurance committee
   3. appointed the faculty's staffs to the process of quality assurance
   4. support outside public and private sector to observe the quality assurance
   5. promote quality assurance publicly both on and outside compus
   6. promote quality assurance development along the scale to translate into good practice and knowledge management to create leanning organization
3D Organization Management
   1. Develop democratic support morally and in Thai ways againts drag
   2. support 3D policy
   3. support and promote 3D in cooperate with on and out of campus
Faculty of Humanites and Social Sciences
Faculty of Humanites and Social Sciences